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Halloween Pumpkin Paper Plates

Halloween Pumpkin Paper Plates

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Enhance your Halloween festivities with our Pumpkin Paper Plates! These vibrant party plates showcase an enchanting pumpkin design, bringing a hint of eerie charm to your gathering. Our convenient disposable tableware bundle encompasses both plates and napkins, streamlining post-party cleanup. Ideal for birthdays and all your Halloween revelries, these premium party supplies stand as an essential addition to your event!

Halloween Paper Plates Party Decorations for Home Includes

  • 1Pcs x Pull Flag
  • 1Pcs x 137*274cm Tablecloth
  • 16Pcs x 9'' Dinner Party Plates
  • 16Pcs x 7'' Dessert Party Plates
  • 16Pcs x Knifes
  • 16Pcs x Forks
  • 16Pcs x Spoons
  • 16pcs x Cups
  • 16Pcs x Napkins

This all-in-one Halloween decor kit is an excellent purchase for party decor. This plates set has all the dinnerware you need for 16 guests.

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