About Us

Ozlvii was founded in 2010. Our vision for ozlvii is to create for you an online oasis where you can shop fashionable finds that happen to be consciously crafted - a place where sustainability and style, ethics and aesthetics coexist. Come here to shop confidently and discover the designers who are weaving integrity and values into their creations, designing today's must-haves with the future in mind.

We believe in beautiful products that conserve the beauty that surrounds us, so that looking good never has to come at the expense of doing good. We collaborate with designers, innovators, philanthropists, and individuals who share our principles and social objectives - coming together to make a genuine style statement for positive fashion and conscious lifestyles.

In the past 13 years, ozlvii has shipped over 2 million orders to customers worldwide, and we are constantly improving our product quality and customer services.

In 2023, ozlvii will continue to grow the brand while maintaining the same quality and service our community has come to expect.