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Spooktacular Halloween Party Tableware Set

Spooktacular Halloween Party Tableware Set

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Elevate your Halloween festivities with our comprehensive Halloween Decorations & Tableware Set! Transform your space into a spooky wonderland with our carefully curated collection of eerie decor. From hauntingly stylish banners to chilling centerpieces, this set includes everything you need to create a memorable Halloween atmosphere. The bonus of a high-quality disposable tablecloth ensures effortless cleanup after the festivities. Get ready for a ghostly good time and shop this all-inclusive Halloween set now!

Bloody Good Time Party Supplies: Each set you will receive 16pcs 9" Bloody Good Time Party Paper Plates, 16pcs 7" Plates, 16 paper cups,20pcs 6.5" Bloody Good Time Napkins and 16 Plastic Red Forks for each set that can serve 16 guests.

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