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European Cylindrical Candlesticks

European Cylindrical Candlesticks

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Normaalihinta $26.90 Myyntihinta $19.90
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Elevate your space with our Elegant European Candlesticks. Meticulously crafted, they exude sophistication and seamlessly match any decor style. Constructed from high-quality materials, these durable candlesticks enhance your ambiance, perfect for gatherings or cozy evenings. Ideal for special occasions, weddings, or simply adding charm to your home decor.

Product style: single head, three head, five head
Product size: single head 11 * 11 * 22cm, three heads 13 * 30 * 32cm, five heads 13 * 24 * 30cm
Product weight: single head 130g, three heads 320g, five heads 460g

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