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Donut Ceramic Vase

Donut Ceramic Vase

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Normaalihinta $45.00 Myyntihinta $29.00
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Add a touch of Nordic style to your home decor with this exquisite donut-shaped ceramic vase. Crafted with attention to detail, this vase combines minimalist design with a charming aesthetic. Its sleek and smooth surface, coupled with its unique donut shape, creates a perfect blend of elegance and modernity.

The versatile size and shape of this vase make it ideal for displaying a variety of floral arrangements or even as a standalone decorative piece. Whether you place it on a shelf, mantel, or dining table, it will effortlessly enhance the ambiance of any room. The ceramic material ensures durability and longevity, while its neutral color complements any interior style.

Small: 14*13cm
Medium: 19*18cm
Large: 23*22cm

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